Saturday, September 12, 2009

So I finally got to start classes yesterday, and now I am even more excited about this school. First I had Biology 110 in the morning, and I was really scared about that. I had this idea from high school that biology would be kind of boring and hard. But this class seems different. It focuses on the diversity in animals and evolution and why animals do what they do. It seems that there is less of the math side of biology, and that is something I am especially thankful for. After that, I had my poetry class, and that seems like it will be absolutely wonderful. The teacher is incredibly creative and intellectual, and she said something that every writer wants to hear: I will not tell you what to write. She also said she will try to teach us how to distance our selves from our poems, so they can be critiqued with out us being really hurt, and so that we can get better. Then I had my freshman preceptorial class, and that was great as well. I have never been in a room with some many intellectual smart people. People who actually want to learn and want to be there. It was great.
There was also the carnival of clubs yesterday and here are the ones I signed up for: rugby, photo, catch(literary magazine), a club where I can meet writers who come to talk, cellar door(another literary magazine), common ground(gay straight alliance), riot queer(another more radical queer straight alliance), and women against sexism. There might be more but I don't remeber them all right now.

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