Friday, April 30, 2010

soooo my girlfriend just dedicated "my girl" to me on her radio show...

makes me smile
but also makes me wanna throw up a little because its so damn cute

newwwww term

So... I haven't written in a long time. I mean, since last term, which was a really shitty one. I mean, fucking horrible, but its all better now. I mean, I do have the panic attack once in a while. But in general, im happy. Im good, everything is just working out. Im taking some pretty good classes. Drawing 1, the teacher is kinda of bitch, talked down to her students, but i like drawing figure drawings. Im also taking intro to psych, which is really good and really interesting, i just have to remind my self that just because I took it last year doesnt mean I dont have to study. And feminist philosophies. Which is basically a history class, and we have really great discussions.
So far, well for now, my dreams for the future are to work at some lgbt center in some city, preferably portland, and work with lgbt youth. Then write a novel about my life, write a book of poetry, and then have my own radio show. Kinda lofty, maybe a little unattainable, but im working on it.
I also have started dating some one again. Its going really well and I really like her alot. She so sweet, and so goofy and awkward just like me. We both obsess over dollhouse, and love to cuddle.
Just... happy.
Summer is coming up though and Im a little scared. Soon, I will be a college sophmore. I hope I will get a good job. I dont want to have to spend three months away from this great new person who lives in chicago. I dont want to leave my friends either. I mean, they really have become my family, and I dont want to not see my family for three months. I dont want to not see my girlfriends for three months.

well, i guess ill figure it out.