Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My few days here at knox have been wonderful

They really really have. People are weird, but in a good way. And it works, cause I'm weird. I also love the openness here. Almost everyone seems to be very excepting and non judgmental. Of course there are a few who are mean and seem to think they are cooler than everyone else, but they are a very small minority. The campus can seem pretty dead sometimes though. It seems that some times that I go to a very very small school. So I'm excited to see what happens when plays start showing and clubs start holding events. My sense of days is weird here though. I have most of tuesday and Wednesday off, so I feel like I have a very short weekend. I love the lgbtq community here. Every one seems very open and honest. The only thing I am upset about is that the club here, common ground, seems to be very stuck. They seem to be all about being gay, 24/7 and showing people that though they are different, they should be treated with respect. I totally agree with that, but my life does not revolve around my sexuality, and I don't need to be reminded of it 24/7, its part of who I am, not what I am. And also, I don't feel the need to tell my coming out story another time. Yes, young queer people should have support, but what about young adult queers? Can't we get advice past the coming out stage, and more on the adult stage? I don't know, but I am what I am, and I'm tired of feeling defined by it.

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