Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Schedule and Classes

So I got my schedule today and it is as follows:
Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity MWF Period 2
Beginning Poetry Writing MWF
Conversations In A World Of Strangers MWF 5

I am a little worried about the biology class, but I am generally really excited about this term. It will at least be extremely interesting.

Some of the people here at Knox are very awkward. They seem to be stuck at 13, and don't really know how to talk to people. I try to talk to as many people as I can, but some times it is very very hard. But now that the upperclassmen are on campus, it is a lot more exciting. I have made a few very good friends already and I am really excited to meet people from my classes. On one of the first few nights here, they had an ice cream. Which basically meant free ice cream and talking with people your already knew. But I did actually meet some great people. There are a lot of lgbt students on campus, and most of the l of that group seemed to find each other. I was in that group, and was excited to learn about the gay straight alliance on campus called common ground.
I have been to some parties, and they where not what I expected. The parties where at some of the fraternities here, and I expected the stereotypical jock drunk jerks that every one sees on television. But everyone was really really nice and introduced them selves to us. I might even join of the sororities. Even though the girls cannot live in one house together because more than eight women in a house is considered a brother by law here in Illinois.

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