Thursday, October 29, 2009

First Term Is Almost Over

This weekend is halloween and among the many other things going on (dressing up, candy, parties, candy, haunted houses, candy), many people are starting to realize that first term is now ending. We will all soon be going home for our extremely long winter break. Its very strange. I have only been here for a little over a month, but it already feels like home. It will be very strange not to see my suite mates every day, not see my teachers every other, not see my girlfriend and be able to give her a kiss every time I see her. I want to go home, to be able to see my family and friends, to sleep in my bed and take a shower and bath. I want to see my mom and be able to have those every day talks we used to have, and to be able to cuddle with my cat. I want to visit some of my old teachers and see how the new classes are going. But, I will miss knox a lot. I will feel that I am missing something. I really love it here, and I miss home a lot, but I am in a new part of my life, and this is now my home. I have grown up a little bit and now home is not something that has been chosen for me, home is now something I have chosen.

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