Thursday, October 8, 2009


So I have been having a lot of dreams about being pregnant and giving birth lately. I'm not exactly sure what that means, but it might have something to do with starting something new, going on w new journey... or something like that. I have also had a lot of dreams about water, mostly being on water in boat. I think those might have to do with the same things.
I have really begun to love my suite mates. They are all such great girls. I have been hanging out with them a night lately, not getting sleep and just staying up really late. We all took a while to get to know one another, and actually hang out, but now that we have, its been so so so so wonderful. I know that the people here at knox, whose ever job it is, tried to put people together they thought would get along. Some people seem totally opposite and obviously don't get along, but our suite, while we might be different, all get along really well. Well... there are two dorms rooms at both ends of the suite, and they don't generally intereact with the rest of us. One room, I never ever see them, and until a little while ago, didn't even know they lived with us. The other two just don't talk... or smile. I smile to them when I see them in the bathroom in the morning, but they generally don't smile back. But I don't really care, I love the rest of my suite. Jessie, Moria, Nicolette, Gretta, Andie, Alyssa, Amanda, and kate. I love them all.

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