Sunday, May 9, 2010

This weekend was the first weekend since we started dating that my girlfriend and I were apart. I wasn't super sad or anything, of course, I wanted to cuddle with her, and kiss her, but I knew she would be back soon. But it made me start to think about summer, how we won't see one another for three whole months, and how hard that will be. It also made me think about my real feelings for her. I don't want to stop seeing her over summer, or I guess, I don't want to stop the relationship when we do stop seeing one another. I want to be with her, I want her to be my girlfriend over the summmer, but it will be hard. I will miss her a lot.
I will also miss all my friends. I will especially miss gretta, amanda, kate, emelye and alyssa. They have become such great friends, epescially, "the four best friends anyone could have". I am ready to finish school, not have work, leave the drama, but not my friends, not my girlfriend. Is there a way I could just move them all to california? huh? maybe? Could I please do that?
She makes me so comfortable, well they all do, and I dont want to leave that. I dont want to leave people who I can actually be my self around.

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