Friday, May 28, 2010

So in a few days, I will technically be a college sophmore. I feel like I was just getting over being a highschool senior. I know I dont have to think about after college for a while, but after college is alot sooner than it seemed before. If the next three years go by as fast as the first one did, I will be a college graduate the next time I turn around. What the fuck Im I gonna do with my life?
Well, okay, so Im not worrying about that right now. What Im mostly worrying about right now, as I lay in the dark (becaue my room mate is napping and she needs her rest because she is very very sick) about leaving all my friends for three months. And my girlfriend. I really dont want to not see them for that long.
I will miss my girlfriend most of all. I didn't think I could be this sickiningly cute with anyone. I love her so so much, and I will really REALLY miss her. She makes me so damn happy, so comfortable, so... just... feel good.
It night time, Im tired and stressed, and all this sappy bull shit is probebly the result of all of that but its true, I will miss my friends who have now become my family, and I will miss my girlfriend who has only recently become so but feels like she and I have known one another for much longer.
I don't want to leave.
This only makes me think of when I will really have to leave, when we will all go different ways.

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