Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Introduction To Gender and Womens Studies

I love my gender and womens studies class, I have learned so much and have become so much confident in my identity as a woman. Every day after that class though, I become more depressed and more angry at the state of the world we live in. Some times it feels like nothing will ever change. There will always be sexism, racism, and homophobia, and there is nothing that any one can do about it. We recently talked about when men make comments about women in the street, when they shout at them or whistle, and the effect of the beauty industry on women's self confidence. Why can't any woman go in the street with out getting a comment about her body, or how she looks? Will there ever be a time when a woman does not have to feel like she is constantly being judged, whether about her sex appeal, or how beautiful she may or may not be? Even at Knox, I know that If I got a party, some guy who I do not want to dance with will come up behind me and start grinding. A lot of the time, they will not even respond to a "Excuse me", "I don't want to dance with anyone right now", or even a very loud and aggressive, "Stop". It scares me but also makes me really fucking mad. What can I do against a over 200 pound drunk foot ball player who is several inches taller than me? What am I willing to risk to fully say my true feelings about when a man says a sexist comment, or some one yells how much they want to lick my pussy when I pass them in the street? Most people say just to ignore it, because saying or doing something could lead to violence. But not doing anything doesn't stop the problem. What can I do? What will I teach my daughter when she is growing up and starts to deal with these things her self. How I can help her when she says she is to fat, not pretty enough, isn't smart enough, hates her self? How can things be changed for the next generation of young girls?

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