Friday, November 6, 2009

Something new

So last night I dyed my hair black and I got my eyebrow pierced tonight. Its weird to look so different than from what I looked like for nineteen years...
So... winter break is coming up and everyone is acting like we are graduating or its gonna be summer and were not going to see one another for a really long time. We are coming back in about a month and we will all see each other again. I am gonna miss my friends. It's going to be weird to be in a room by my self, to be in a place where there isn't always some one to talk to, even at three in the morning. But I am excited to nap in my bed. I will really miss my girlfriend. I will miss seeing her everyday. But we will call each other, and IM and text, and skype. So it will be ok.
I like the new look. I feel different, and I look different to match how I feel.

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